Past Exhibits

Current and Future Exhibits

“Enchanted April” at Simon Mace Gallery
Thursday, March 30th through Monday, May 1st

We have titled next month’s show Enchanted April after the 1991 film by the same name.  For those that haven’t seen it, here is a quote from IMDB: “This slow-paced gem is about the civilizing influence of Italy on beleaguered Londoners both male and female and has its own civilizing influence on the viewer. It's almost like taking a little mini-trip to Italy, a gorgeously filmed enchantment.”  The film stars--Miranda Richardson, Jim Broadbent, Josie Lawrence, Alfred Molina, Polly Walker, Michael Kitchen and Joan Plowright.  Don’t you want to add it to your watch list?

Simon Mace’s Enchanted April features long-time friend and painter, Anne Schreivogl and introduces ceramic artist, Kim Murton.  Many of you will remember Anne Schreivogl’s terrific image that was used for the 2014 PTFF poster.  This new body of work will feature lots of pattern, color and fun with books, knitting ladies, typewriters, cats and silly birds.  “Schreivogl” means screeching bird, so, silly birds are kind of a requirement. 

The colorful fun of Kim Murton’s ceramics are the perfect 3D partner to Anne’s paintings.  We will have several pieces from her series she’s dubbed Sweater Cats, inspired by the pink pussy hats worn by many thousands of women (and men) around the world during the post-inauguration day Women’s March, January 21st.  

Anne Schreivogl and Kim Murton’s mood elevating artwork will be sure to enchant us this April for Simon Mace Gallery’s Grand Finale: Part One.
Grand Finale: Part One?  What’s up with that?  Well, we have some sad news.  Simon Mace Gallery, at least as it exists now, will be closing Monday, May 29th.  Since opening in December 2011, we have loved sharing our eclectic selection of artists with gallery visitors and the broader community.  We have made great friends with artists and customers we might never have known without the gallery and love being part of the arts community of this region. However, financially speaking, the gallery has not thrived.  2016 showed growth but, sales since the election have been sparse.  We don’t feel optimistic about improvement in the current climate, and, have reluctantly decided to close. We would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have made Simon Mace Gallery a regular stop when they are downtown and, of course, we want to thank all the incredible artists we have had the privilege to work with over the past five years.

Speaking of our incredible artists, in other news, contemporary folk artist, Alison O’Donoghue will be teaching a weekend workshop at Port Townsend School of the Arts, April 22nd through 24th.  Follow this LINK ( for more info.  In addition to teaching, Alison has recently discovered the joys of commission painting.  If you’d like her to customize a painting especially for you, let us know and we’ll be happy connected you to Alison.

What does our future look like?  Stay tuned, we are figuring this out ourselves!  In the meantime, make your plans to come see and be enchanted by April’s show and look forward to May’s Grand Finale: Part Two, featuring new paintings from Jeff Weekley.  Thanks for taking this ride with us!

Dealer’s Choice 2017
Thursday, February 2nd through Monday, March 27th
Gallery Walk, February 4th, 5:30 to 8pm
Gallery Walk, March 4th, 5:30 to 8pm

Simon Mace Gallery is back from Winter Break with our third annual Dealers’ Choice show. We have mixed up past show work from 24 of our artists to create a very appealing tableau, if we do say so ourselves.

Among the paintings now hung, three are by contemporary folk artist, Alison O’Donoghue. Allison will be up from Portland to teach a 3-day workshop at the Port Townsend School of the Arts in April. Follow this link for more information: LINK.

Please come and see Dealers’ Choice 2017 for yourself. We promise variety galore!


What a Wonderful World
Thursday, November 3rd through Monday, December 19th
Gallery Walk, Saturday, November 5th, 5:30 to 8pm
Gallery Walk, Saturday, December 3rd, 5:30 to 8pm

If Simon Mace Gallery’s show title What a Wonderful World brings to mind the 1967 song originally and movingly recorded by Louis Armstrong, it’s having the intended effect. We are looking forward to the start of the holiday season with the anxiety and uncertainty of the election behind us and focus returned to friends and family with optimism and hope for this wonderful world.

In that vein, we are featuring three wonderful artists who share the artwork that makes up their wonderful worlds--Portland contemporary folk artist Alison O’Donoghue and Seattle ceramicist Elizabeth Copland are warmly welcomed back and joined by Ann Chadwick Reid from Samish Island making her Simon Mace debut with her elaborate naturalist paper-cut creations.

Alison O’Donoghue’s zany acrylic paintings could be characterized with the word, ABUNDANCE. Alison depicts characters, whether human, animal, plant-life or produce, happily winding their way across her canvases and filling almost every space. What’s more, they are often enjoying a cornucopia of food and drink. Wonderful, huh?

Elizabeth Copland’s joyful ceramic sculpture brim with homey cheerfulness and quite a lot of DOGS. It may be impossible to look at them not smile—just try it.

The wonderful and delicate natural world inspires Ann Chadwick Reid’s amazing cut paper artwork. Her intricate process might make your eyes cross to imagine, but, the end result is stunning.

What a Wonderful World was intended by the songwriters Bob Thiele and George David Weiss as an antidote for the increasingly racially and politically charged climate of everyday 1960s life in the United States. It seems like we need that antidote often as the song has been recorded and performed by countless singers across many genres. Louis Armstrong’s version may be many people’s favorite, causing welling hearts and misty eyes. More contemporary covers recorded by Beth Orton and Jemma Johnson are worth a listen, too. If you haven’t heard the song in a while, wouldn’t this be a good time? Thus inspired, come see our show and experience how our three featured artists experience THEIR wonderful world.

Anything Goes
Thursday, September 1st through Monday, October 31st
Gallery Walk, Saturday, September 3rd, 5:30 to 8pm
Gallery Walk, Saturday, October 1st, 5:30 to 8pm

We are very excited to welcome much-celebrated Port Townsend artist Max Grover for his Simon Mace Gallery debut alongside fabulous ceramic artist, Sara Swink for our September & October show titled “Anything Goes”. No theme here. These two are unleashed to create whatever their artistic hearts’ desire!

Not only is Max Grover one of Port Townsend’s best known artists with collectors far and wide, but, Max and his beloved late wife, Sherry, planted the seed which was to become Simon Mace Gallery. Being able to exhibit his work at the gallery feels like a wonderful goal realized! Max’s charming paintings with familiar motifs and collaged collectibles strike a chord with all ages. He is bringing us over 100 pieces, in a variety of sizes. We will sell work right off the wall, so, check back often as the show may change dramatically week to week.

Portland ceramic sculptor, Sara Swink’s creations are the perfect 3D compliment to Max’s work. Sara expresses her dreams, fantasies, memories and ideas through human and animal forms with a dash of humor and occasionally a bit of edginess. Sara is a continual favorite of Simon Mace Gallery visitors and though she has had a very busy exhibition schedule this year was motivated to accept one more invitation by the opportunity to show with Max Grover.

“Anything Goes” runs Thursday, September 1st through Monday, October 31st. Meet both artists at Gallery Walk, Saturday, September 3rd, 5:30 to 8pm. Join us for this exciting display of color and texture, you’ll be sure to leave with a smile!

Never Ending Stories
Thursday, August 4th through Monday, August 29th
Gallery Walk, Saturday, August 6th, 5:30 to 8pm

Simon Mace Gallery’s August show for book lovers celebrates the stories and experiences that define our individual and collective lives. This show features the Surrealist tinged paintings of Jeff Weekley, Lisa Kaser’s quirky, whimsical watercolor collage, and Stan Peterson’s expressive carved wood sculpture.

Jeff Weekley, a former Port Townsend resident, is one of our most popular artists. His realistic and highly narrative paintings are the very essence of story in art.

Portland based artist Lisa Kaser has created an improbable, through-the-looking glass world inhabited by an array of creatures exploring their world and living whimsical lives.

Stan Peterson, another import from Portland, has had a long career as an art teacher and combines strong narrative with loose and exuberant forms to create work that is both approachable and thought provoking.
From ghost stories while gathered around the campfire to swapping tales over coffee or a good meal with friends, who doesn’t love a good story?

“Never Ending Stories” runs Thursday, August 4th through Monday, August 29th. We expect to have all three charming artists at Gallery Walk, Saturday August 6th, 5:30 to 8pm. Please come out and say hello!

Passionate Obsession
Thursday, June 30th through Monday, August 1st
Gallery Walk, Saturday, July 2nd, 5:30 to 8pm
Closed Monday, July 4th

Simon Mace is honored to present celebrated artist, mentor and friend, Alfred Currier—in his solo show “Passionate Obsession”. For Currier, painting is an obsession as well as a passion. As he says, “Passion for the love of it. Obsession means I have no choice.”

A lifelong artist and resident of Anacortes since 1991, Alfred Currier is a well-established Northwest oil painter best-known for his vibrant palette and thickly textured canvases. His mastery of color technique gives his paintings a distinctive glow.

The body of work for July’s show falls into three categories—serene Skagit Valley Landscapes, Working Lands and European Settings (or what I like to call Mamma Mia!). Alfred is never lacking bucolic scenery nearby in the Skagit Valley for his painting inspiration. He often likes to paint colorful daffodil, tulip or iris fields with migrant farm workers tending the crops against a backdrop of dramatic skies and Cascade foothills. Witnessing the workers hard labor all these years, Alfred has become an advocate for improving their living and working conditions. Despite the beauty close by, he also finds inspiration further afield providing us several Greek, French and Italian scenes.

Passionate Obsession runs Thursday, June 30th through Monday, August 1st. Meet Alfred Currier at Gallery Walk, Saturday, July 2nd. Don’t miss this terrific show!

Beyond This Place
Thursday, May 19th through Monday, June 27th
Gallery Walk, Saturday, June 4th, 5:30 to 8pm

Last Fall, Port Townsend became home to painter Gary Nisbet, lured here from Boston to teach at the Port Townsend School of the Arts by his old friend, Max Grover.  Before Boston, Gary had spent many years in Seattle, so, returning to the Northwest is already familiar and homey. 

The familiar and homey are consistent themes in his artwork, elevating ordinary objects from the domestic realm—books, chairs, pencils, bowls, eye glasses, to iconography, a private language of place and time.  The artwork from Simon Mace’s mid-May through June show, Beyond This Place, is new, all created since Gary’s cross-country move, it feels modern, yet has an intriguing sense of age, as if it has been uncovered during an archeological dig.  Perhaps the ultimate up-cycler, Gary uses layers of collaged wall paper, pattern tissue, fabric, vintage newsprint and other funky bits of odd shaped items often attached to found, odd-shaped wood.  It’s gritty, urban, sophisticated, approachable, colorful and always super fun!

Continuing our extended show length experiment we are changing over to June’s show early.  Beyond This Place begins Thursday, May 19th.  Meet Gary at Port Townsend’s First Saturday Gallery Walk, June 4th, 5:30 to 8pm.

Get to know Gary better, at our first ever, Art Talk, Sunday, June 12th, at noon for a discussion between much-loved Port Townsend artist, Max Grover, and, his friend, Gary Nisbet. 

Beyond This Place runs Thursday, May 19th through Monday, June 27th. 

Bumblebees, Blooms & Birdsong
Thursday, March 31st through Monday, May 16th
First Saturday Gallery Walk, 5:30 to 8pm, April 2nd & May 7th

Simon Mace Gallery’s April show “Bumblebees, Blooms & Birdsong” is an ode to the joys of Spring. Featuring three artists, we welcome back painters Lisa Snow Lady and Cathie Joy Young with wonderful new work, and, introduce ceramic artist Scot Cameron-Bell who will be making her Port Townsend debut. The trio of artists, each with a trio of names, have created beautiful, colorful and happy work that will inspire you to celebrate Spring and the promise of Summer ahead.

Seattle artist Lisa Snow Lady had this to say about her current body of work, “The paintings in this exhibit were inspired by walks around my own neighborhood, visits to nearby parks, and community pea-patches and were created in my Ballard studio.” Lisa has a unique way of layering color that is really lovely and the imagery will inspire you to get outside and tend your own flower beds. Her paintings’ gardens are not only beautiful, but, low maintenance, drought tolerant and entirely deer safe—perfect for the arm chair gardeners among us!

Portland painter Cathie Joy Young’s delightful new paintings tend toward the dreamy and fantastic, but, also have a floral atmosphere and languid warm-weather feel about them. Cathie has been consumed with a house move and remodel recently, which hasn’t allowed for a lot of painting time, so, we are extra honored to be able to show her newest work!

Oh boy! Last but certainly not least, we are excited to introduce our newest artist, from Portland, ceramic artist Scot Cameron-Bell. Scot’s work will also be our first time showing the functional art of vases. You’re going to need one of these special vases for holding your spring flowers. A word of caution though, collecting her vases decorated with whimsical flowers and silly birds may become habit forming.

“Bumblebees, Blooms & Birdsong” runs Thursday, March 31st through Monday, May 16th. Join us for Gallery Walk, Saturday, April 2nd, 5:30 to 8pm. April 2nd also kicks off the return of the Port Townsend Farmer’s Market, Uptown at 9am. Wahoo! It’s going to be a really good day!!

Dealers’ Choice 2016
Thursday, February 4th through Monday, March 28th
Gallery Walk, Saturday February 6th

Simon Mace is glad to be back again after Winter Break with our annual Dealers’ Choice show.  We are very pleased to introduce our newest artist, Gary Nisbet!  Several of his mixed media collage paintings are on exhibit now as a tempting preview to his larger show coming later this year.  Meet Gary at Gallery Walk on Saturday, February 6th!
In addition, we have new pieces from pastel artist, Kathleen Faulkner, whose serene land and seascapes make you want to step right into them.  We also have fun new paintings from Lisa Snow Lady and Lorna Libert.  This new work is mixed with previously shown work from these artists:

Karen Croner
Alfred Currier
Jeane Edwards
David Eisenhour
Jaime Ellsworth
Joan Jonland
Margie McDonald
Susan Melrath
Barbara Noonan
Frank Renlie
David Ridgway
Sue Roberts
Anne Schreivogl
Sara Swink
Christopher Wagner
Richard Jesse Watson
Jeff Weekley


The artwork of these 21 artists has combined to make a truly beautiful show, if we do say so ourselves. 
And, now for something completely different . . . Saturday, February 20th, 1:00 to 5pm, we are going to be trying something new for us—a jewelry trunk show with Dale Levy also known as The Lady from Venice.  Dale is an American expat who’s lived in Venice for over 30 years and makes very special Venetian glass jewelry.  Dale will be visiting with close friends in Port Townsend and taking time out to show us her wares.  This is a one day only event, so, mark your calendars!


If you can make it out of your winter hidey hole to pay us a visit, we’d love to see you!

November & December 2015
Affinity for Animals
Thursday, November 5th to Monday, December 21st

Our final show of 2015 is such a treat! Featuring three artists, we welcome back painters Jamie Ellsworth and Jeanne Edwards with wonderful new work, and, introduce sculptor Karen Croner who will be making her Port Townsend debut. As you may have guessed from the title of the show, there is a strong animal theme that will be sure to delight gallery visitors.

San Juan Island artist Jaime Ellsworth has sent us small, whimsical paintings featuring a black dog and black bird friend. It’s easy to imagine a dialogue between the two as they inhabit and explore unlikely settings of restaurants, a dress shop, laundromat, and even a bathroom where the black dog enjoys a good soak in the tub. They are all deliciously fun! When not painting in her studio with a menagerie of her own dogs and tending to her other animals, including miniature horses, she works as an animal trainer and animal activist. Jaime’s great love of animals shines through in her paintings earning her inclusion in the books “100 Artists of the Northwest” and “The Contemporary Art of Nature – MAMMALS,” which is a collection of 100 US and International artists.

Port Angeles painter Jeanne Edwards’ lush new work are slices of life from her travels both near and far. We have some gorgeous paintings of cows in their pasture, horses at work, and, outdoor cafes/pubs with people enjoying their tea or a pint with their faithful dog nearby. Jeanne’s vivid colors, broad brush strokes and heavy texture invite the viewer right into the painting.

We are thrilled to introduce our newest artist, from Portland, sculptor Karen Croner. Inspired by fairy tales, Karen crafts hares, wolves, geese, a horse, and, a bear from a unique mix of wire, paper, paper clay, fabric and acrylic paint. These beautiful sculptures have incredible expressions and amazing presence.

As an added motivation to come see the show, all this new, featured work is affordably priced between $275 and $900.

Behind the wall, we continue the animal theme with work from 16 of our roster artists. We also have new jewelry from Kathy Van Kleeck.

“Affinity for Animals” continues through Monday, December 21st. Join us for Gallery Walk, Saturday, December 5th as we celebrate the art and our 4th anniversary!

October 2015
Better Late Than Never
Continuing through Monday, November 2nd

Oh, sheesh!  How’d it get to be so late in the month already?  For those of you who haven’t heard, we have unhappy news.  Our dear, sweet Simon passed away last month.  In the three weeks after we received his dire prognosis, Brad and I did very little but care for and spend time with him.  We are so grateful for the amazing outpouring of love and support from the community!  Now, we try to catch up.

We have a beautiful show in October that should not be missed.  New, fantastic, mainly wire, some with additional adornment, sculptures from Port Townsend’s Margie McDonald hang on walls and even from the ceiling.  We also have some new playful, figural, wire sculptures from Louise Warner.  Plus, several new paintings from Jeff Weekley and Frank Renlie are revealed.  These are mixed with a small amount of older artwork from our roster of talented painters and sculptors.  Our goal was to evoke a slightly spooky atmosphere in honor of the season.
We look forward to Port Townsend’s 21st Annual Downtown Trick or Treat & Costume Parade!  The parade starts at 4:00, with trick-or-treat beginning afterwards.  It’s a terrifically fun spectacle of creativity!  Our own Erin Lannon has been working away on her Halloween costume--can’t wait to see them all!!
Water Street and side streets from Madison to Polk will be closed to traffic from 3:30pm to 5:30pm for public safety at this event. Approximately 1,500 to 2,000 people attend this event. 

Summer Wrap-Up
Starts Thursday, September 3rd
Gallery Walk, Saturday, September 5th, 5:30 to 8pm

Seems like many of us have never looked more forward to Fall than this year.  After our warmest Summer ever, the slightly crisp feeling in the air and the return of rain feels so good.  September brings PT’s two most eagerly anticipated festivals—Wooden Boat Festival (9/11 thru 9/13) and two weeks later the Port Townsend Film Festival (9/25 thru 9/27).  Our “Summer Wrap-Up” show is a tribute to our nautical side with new work from Frank Renlie and Jeff Weekley.  Come to gallery walk and say “hello” to Jeff.  This is his first trip back to PT since the grandchildren lured Jeff and wife, Helen, away to California.  Artwork is also currently on exhibit from these 20 fab artists:

Alfred Currier
Alison O'Donoghue
Suzanne DeCuir
Stan Peterson
Gordy Edberg
David Ridgway
Jeanne Edwards
Sue Roberts
David Eisenhour Victor Sandblom
Kathleen Faulkner
Anne Schreivogl
Joan Jonland
Sara Swink
Lorna Libert
Christopher Wagner
Margie McDonald
Louise Warner
Barbara Noonan Richard Jesse Watson


P.S.  If you make it to PTFF, don’t miss the documentary we sponsored “1971”.  The trailer is thrilling - click HERE - can’t wait to see the whole film!  


Summer Showcase
July 2nd through August 31st

Heat waves and peak tourist season should make for an interesting July and August. We are going to take the opportunity to showcase as many of our artists as space allows, featuring new paintings from Lorna Libert, Frank Renlie and David Ridgway. We also have some beautiful new jewelry from Kathy Van Kleeck. Artwork will be changed out as work sells and we bring in new pieces, so, the display will be interesting and dynamic.

Speaking of dynamic, we had some staffing changes at Simon Mace in June. If you’ve seen George Marie in the past few months, then you know that she’s been working on her own creative endeavor. She left on her maternity leave a bit early to enjoy some time with her older children before the new baby comes, which he did this past Wednesday, July 1st. Mama and baby are doing well. The rest of us eagerly wait to see pictures and hear what he’s been named. Susi Watson generously offered to fill in while George is out and we are thrilled to have her back two days a week. Erin Lannon also joined us in June. She looks forward to posting more frequently on our Facebook page, which if you “like” us, you might notice that we can use that help!

The other staff change is that Simon has been fired. He never has gotten the knack of being a charming gallery dog despite working with a trainer and doing clicker training. So, don’t be concerned if you don’t see him at the gallery, he’s absolutely fine and chilling at home or at work with Brad, which brings me to other gallery news.

If you have visited the gallery on a nice sunny afternoon, you may have noticed that the gallery gets a tad warm. To combat the solar gain, Brad installed a whole house fan which exchanges all the air in the gallery every few minutes with outside air. During the current heatwave though, it’s still pretty warm, but, much better than it would be. Hopefully it’ll be more comfortable for folks to spend some time and look at our artists’ wonderful work! Please come see for yourself.

This year, the 4th of July falls on PT’s First Saturday Gallery Walk. For Simon Mace’s previous 4th’s, it had either fallen on our closed days or we have closed, but, this year we are open. Stop by and see us before you head out for your holiday fun! Gallery Walk is officially 5:30 to 8pm, however, if it’s dead and/or the heat is unbearable, we may close early. Please call us if you want to check first, (360) 385-4433.

Go figure!
Beginning Thursday, April 30th, 2015

May brings figures of all kinds to Simon Mace Gallery.  Men, women, children and, of course, animal figures will invite you consider their stories.  Paintings and sculpture in classical, surreal and whimsical styles blend into a very pleasing May show with new work from these 8 artists:

Jeanne Edwards
Karen Hackenberg
Anna Magruder
Alison O’Donoghue
Stan Peterson
Sara Swink
Christopher Wagner
Jeff Weekley

In addition, behind the wall we display an assortment of wonderfully eclectic artwork from our roster of talented artists:

Liana Bennett
Christopher Bibby
Elizabeth Copland
Alfred Currier
Suzanne DeCuir

David Eisenhour
Margie McDonald

Susan Melrath
Barbara Noonan
Frank Renlie

David Ridgway
Anne Schreivogl
Kathy Van Kleeck
Louise Warner
Jaime Ellsworth

Please join us for Gallery Walk, Saturday, May 2nd, 5:30 to 8pm.

Dealers’ Choice REMIX
Beginning Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Continuing on the theme of Simon Mace Gallery’s February/March show “Dealer’s Choice,” April is a similar concept in that it will be a large number of artists and a mix of new artwork and artwork we’ve shown before.

We have great new pieces from:

Suzanne DeCuir
Frank Renlie
Kathy Van Kleeck
Louise Warner
Richard Jesse Watson
Jeff Weekley

These artworks are joined by more paintings and sculpture from these artists:

Liana Bennett
Christopher Bibby
Elizabeth Copland
Alfred Currier
Jeanne Edwards
David Eisenhour

Karen Hackenberg
Lisa Snow Lady
Margie McDonald
Susan Melrath
Barbara Noonan
Stan Peterson

David Ridgway
Sue Roberts
Victor Sandblom
Anne Schreivogl
Sara Swink
Cathie Joy Young

These twenty-four artists’ work combines to make a beautiful and striking show.

Please join us for Gallery Walk, Saturday, April 4th, 5:30 to 8pm. Also on Saturday, we are super excited for the return of the award winning Port Townsend Farmers’ Market!

Dealers’ Choice
Beginning Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Last February we re-opened after our Winter Break with a mixture of new work and our favorite work we’d shown previously from a larger number of our artists. People seemed to enjoy all the variety and it was a beautiful show, so, we thought we should do it again. This year, we have new pieces by:

Christopher Bibby
Jeanne Edwards
Susan Melrath
Barbara Noonan
Jeff Weekley

These artworks are joined by more paintings and sculpture by:

Liana Bennett
Elizabeth Copland
Alfred Currier
Suzanne DeCuir
Jaime Ellsworth
Kathleen Faulkner
Zanetka Kralova Gawronski
Joan Jonland
Lisa Kaser
Lisa Snow Lady
Lorna Libert

Anna Magruder
Margie McDonald
Alison O’Donoghue
Stan Peterson
David Ridgway
Sue Roberts
Anne Schreivogl
Sara Swink
Christopher Wagner
Richard Jesse Watson
Cathie Joy Young

In total, that’s a whopping 27 artists, you’re bound to find something to love. Please join us for Gallery Walk, Saturday, February 7th, 5:30 to 8pm.

“Scratch below the Surface” at Simon Mace Gallery
Thursday, October 30th through Monday, December 22nd

This November and December, Simon Mace invites you to “Scratch below the Surface” with artists Jeane Myers, Cathie Joy Young and Sara Swink in a show that explores dreamscapes and inner worlds.

The paintings of Jeane Myers reflect her willingness to let the painting come together intuitively. Mixing layer upon layer of oil paint with cold wax medium and then etching and scraping away at the surface, her paintings become like maps of the subconscious full of secret images and hidden stories. Myers says, “We’re on a journey discovering who we are. Art is an expression of how we speak in the world.”

For Cathie Joy Young, painting is an intuitive process that revels in the unexpected and mysterious. Working in acrylic on wood panels, her work maintains the formal aspects of composition while allowing imagery and color to build a story. Cathie feels like these stories are borrowed dreams and memories.

Using humor and clay, Sara Swink creates sculptures that explore the interconnections between the human world and the animal world. Archetypes and symbols guide her, as Sara allows the subconscious to play an important role in her creations. Though each is unique, her figures play with themes that are universal. She creates her forms with gritty sculpture clay, incises, bisque fires, and, then finishes the clay with oxide washes, underglazes and glazes.

In addition to the paintings and sculpture, we’ll have some special Sara Swink Christmas ornaments!

The show runs from October 30th through December 22nd with a chance to meet the Artists at Gallery Walk on Saturday, November 1st from 5:30-8pm.

Sinuous at Simon Mace Gallery
October 2nd through 27th

Skagit artist Kathleen Faulkner’s quiet forest and shoreline pastels share a sinuous quality with the innovative, engaging sculptures made from reclaimed objects by Port Townsend’s Margie McDonald. Margie’s amazing work was a featured exhibit at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s inaugural show and Kathleen is included in the book “100 Artists of the Northwest.”

Both artists balance restraint with abandon, exercising a limited palette or material choice, combined with a joyous exploration of form and space.

Meet Kathleen and Margie at First Saturday Gallery Walk, October 4th, 5:30 to 8pm.

Also in October, we are thrilled to bring back the beautiful urban primitive jewelry of Kathy Van Kleeck to Port Townsend!

Late Summer Soliloquy
Thursday, September 4th through Monday the 29th

Aw, the bittersweet last month of summer, when weather is expected to be really nice--not too hot, not too cold, but, just right; and, Port Townsend hosts it’s two most fun weekends—Wooden Boat Festival and Port Townsend Film Festival. We celebrate with some really fantastic art!

Alfred Currier's color and texture rich oil painting style should be familiar to Simon Mace regulars by now as this will be the fourth time we’ve been privileged to show his work. We’ll have several of the sweeping Skagit Valley landscapes Currier is known for as well as a few new ravens (back by popular demand) and even some boat yard plein air paintings in honor of the Wooden Boat Festival.

Anne Schreivogl attended last year’s Port Townsend Film Festival, soaking up the ambiance and getting inspired to paint a new series dedicated to films and the people (and birds) and who love them. Her exuberate painting “Film Festival” is the image that has been chosen for this year’s PTFF promotional materials. The image can be found on posters, tea towels, t-shirts and tote bags, but, the original painting will be right here at Simon Mace Gallery. In 15 years of the festival, the artwork has never been offered for sale to the public before. Because of the rarity of this opportunity, we are having some fun collecting names of would-be buyers and drawing the lucky buyer’s name at the PTFF Awards Presentation, Sunday evening starting at 6:30, September 21st at the Rose Theatre. Please stop by the gallery to see the painting and complete your entry by 5pm the 21st. You can also e-mail or call the gallery to put your name in for the opportunity to purchase this great work of art! In addition to the film themed paintings, Anne will also have some of her signature whimsical paintings with motifs of books, bicycles, cats, typewriters, sunflowers . . . essential elements to the joy of life.

In perfect compliment to Alfred and Anne, we introduce self-taught Portland wood carver, Stan Peterson. Peterson draws scenes from his regular urban walks or dreams, often using the mythic quality of animals or human-animal hybrids to express human foibles, then transforms them to three dimensions in carved and painted bass wood. The completed sculptures are rustic, charming and introspective. We didn’t show much restraint when meeting with Stan at his studio and brought back many more pieces than we’d planned on—you’re in for a real treat!

Late Summer Soliloquy runs Thursday, September 4th through Monday, September 29th. Meet all three artists at First Saturday Gallery Walk, the 6th, 5:30 to 8pm.

Black & White
Thursday, July 31st through Monday, September 1st

There’s just something very cool about black and white in, well, just about anything, but, especially art. It gives a graphic punch, while at the same time being visually calming. In an extremely art filled space, it offers the eye a soothing oasis and keeps the space from feeling over crowed and over stimulating for the viewer.

We loved our last Black & White show so much that we’re having an encore, Thursday, July 31st through Monday, September 1st. Five artists, Alison O’Donoghue, Chris Theiss, Betsy Barnum, Jody Joldersma and Todd Horton have provided us black and white beauties in a variety of disciplines—painting, ceramic sculpture, scratchboard and intaglio printmaking. The artists had no assigned theme, yet, somehow, most all of the work has a very birdy content. I realized a few years ago that Brad and I seem to have a lot of bird art in our personal collection, so now, I’m starting to wonder, “Do we like artists that use a lot of bird content or do the artists we like, just happen to use a lot of birds in their work?” Sort of a chicken and egg question, I guess. I have also realized that some people are ornithobic or have bird fear, so, unless you’d like to visit Simon Mace and focus on the superb vintage toy inspired sculpture from Skagit artist, Chris Theiss, and/or confront your fear, enter at your own risk.

In other news, last month I told you we were bidding a fond farewell to our wonderful gallerist of 1½ years, Susi Watson. I thought it’d take an awfully long time to find someone awesome enough to try and fill her shoes, but, the gods have smiled upon us and I am happy to introduce George Marie. A Portland native, George and her fiancé Michael D’Alessandro decided to settle in Port Townsend on return from their recent travels to Italy. If Michael’s name seems familiar that’s because he is the new Executive Director at Northwind Arts Center. A tip from a Northwind insider connected us with George and we hired her almost immediately. She is a lifelong art lover, published author, photographer and printmaker. Welcome George Marie!

Last, but, certainly not least, have you seen this year’s fabulous Port Townsend Film Festival poster? Do you know that the artwork is from none other than Simon Mace’s own Anne Schreivogl? Did you further know that the festival artwork has NEVER been available for sale before? Due the rarity of this opportunity, it was suggested that we needed a little fanfare. So, we decided to conduct a drawing for the chance to buy the painting. Stop by the gallery beginning Thursday, July 31st to see the painting and enter for your chance. Drawing will be held the last day of the festival, Sunday, September 21st. Time to be announced.

Don’t forget--First Saturday Gallery Walk, August 2nd 5:30 to 8pm!

Inside Out
Thursday, July 3rd through Monday, July 28th

Summertime and the living is easy. . . relax into all that a NW Summer has to offer with July's show "Inside Out" at Simon Mace Gallery. A soft restraint of palette and lush, yet quiet scenes unite painters Joan Jonland and Lisa Snow Lady, while sculptor Elizabeth Copland’s canine themed pieces are charming and joyful.

Joan Jonland, a Port Townsend resident since 1976 studied at The Art Institute of Chicago and has had over 18 regional exhibitions of her work. She explores local places and people with her meditative, wistful scenes of beaches and bluffs. Jonland’s style could be described as a cross between Winslow Homer and Ed Hopper.

Lisa Snow Lady holds a BA in Art History and a BFA in painting from the University of Washington and among other honors, was the recipient of a 2010 self-directed artist residency at Centrum in Fort Worden. She paints thoughtful expressions of interiors that find the sacred in the ordinary, capturing moments in time through simple, almost abstracted shapes and explorations of light and shadow, creating paintings with a strong sense of place and peace.

Elizabeth Copland earned a BA in Ceramics from the University of Washington. She finds that scenery often seeps into her artistic endeavors; which frequently revolve around the subtle repetition of animals, trees, water, and open spaces.

Both Lisa and Elizabeth are Northwest natives who live in Seattle with their husbands.

Meet all three artists at gallery walk, Saturday, June 5th, 5:30 to 8pm!

In other news, we bid a fond farewell to Simon Mace gallerist, Susi Watson, who is leaving the gallery to spend more time with artist husband Richard Jesse Watson and her family. For the past two years, Susi has been an integral part of the Simon Mace family and will be greatly missed. In addition, our official closing time is changing from 5pm to 5pm, however, when downtown is active and life allows, we’ll stay open later.

Salish Stories
Thursday, June 5th through Monday, June 30th

June brings “Salish Stories” to Simon Mace Gallery, proudly presenting two acclaimed local artists, Karen Hackenberg and Richard Jesse Watson.

A lifelong beach comber/walker/swimmer, Karen Hackenberg’s awareness of the increasing encroachment of human detritus washed ashore continues to inspire her Watershed series. The photorealistic paintings present the viewer with a lighthearted approach but contain a dark and subversive under-tone about our planet’s future. 3D environments built of beach finds and matchsticks are populated by model figures at work and play indifferent to the ecological dangers at risk of igniting around them. Two of Karen’s matchstick pieces were included in the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s inaugural exhibit. Among other honors, Hackenberg is distinguished by inclusion in the newly released book “100 Artists of the Northwest” by E. Ashley Rooney. While she explores serious matters with tongue-in-cheek humor, Karen readily acknowledges that “it’s not easy being green,” which is the title of one her gouache paintings depicting a green plastic frog cheekily sitting on a Discovery Bay beach where plastic is becoming the new sand.

In juxtaposition to Karen’s work, award winning artist, Richard Jesse Watson, fresh from his Fall 2013 solo show at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, contributes a dizzying array of new work that celebrates the people and land of the place we call; Here. From joyful studies of a man and a flock of his best friends to contemplative landscapes, stories swim or fly into Richard’s canvases. A strong sense of narrative and controlled chaos of color and texture combine to create works of art that share a different and unique story with every new viewing. Extending his narrative into sculpture, Richard explores his personal saga with a series of imaginary creatures that bring life to his inner world. The highlight of Richard’s new work is a painting titled “Confluence”, which is too amazing to try to explain in words—a definite MUST SEE.

Salish Stories runs Thursday, June 5th through Monday, June 30th. Meet the artists at Gallery Walk, Saturday, June 7th, 5:30 to 8pm.

Up, Down & All Around
May 1st through June 2nd

May brings painters Suzanne DeCuir and Gordy Edberg back to Simon Mace Gallery. The two painters have a complimentary softness of line and a colorful but muted palette, and enjoy examining their surroundings from unusual perspectives.

Suzanne DeCuir often sees the world from the sky looking down, from earth looking up and once in awhile from how you or I walking down the street would see it. She likes how the different vantage points can abstract even common or iconic city and landscapes; Suzanne furthers her paintings’ abstraction by playing with color, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Gordy Edberg is inspired by the farmland of “our mostly sylvan place in Puget Sound” and has recently painted a series of paintings called My Neighbor’s Farm. Gordy examines the farms repeatedly, but, from different viewpoints using color to reflect changes in light and season.

Come see “Up, Down & All Around” from Thursday, May 1st through Monday, June 2nd and see if it challenges you to see the world with a new vision.

Dealer’s Choice REMIX
Thursday, April 3rd through Monday, April 28th

Continuing on the theme of Simon Mace Gallery’s February/March show “Dealer’s Choice,” April is a similar concept in that it will be a large number of artists and a mix of new work, and, work we’ve shown before. If we do say so ourselves, the gallery looked especially splendid in February and March, and, gallery visitors appreciated the diversity of choices.

In April, we have dealt out a fresh hand of artwork to delight you by 22 artists, including bronze sculpture by David Eisenhour, who has an outstanding solo show at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art now through June 1st.

Those artists shown are:

Liana Bennett
Alfred Currier
Jeanne Edwards
David Eisenhour
Jaime Ellsworth
Zanetka Kralova Gawronski
Todd Horton
Jody Joldersma
Joan Jonland
Lisa Kaser
Meg Mason
Rebecca Meloy
Susan Melrath
Jeane Myers
Barbara Noonan
Frank Renlie
David Ridgway
Victor Sandblom
Anne Schreivogl
Sara Swink
Christopher Wagner
Jeff Weekley

Please come see us in April!

Dealer’s Choice
Saturday, February 1st through Monday, March 31st

Usually, “Dealer’s Choice” refers to a poker game, however, in this case, rather than cards, we’re dealing art. Our little back room has been full to the brim of up to 150 pieces of artwork from the artists we represent. People love to get back there and look, sometimes lining up 10 deep to take a turn, so, we thought we’d curate a show out of those paintings and sculptures with an emphasis on artists that you may not have seen recently. Gallery regulars may recognize many of the pieces in this show, but, we have not shown 21 of the 47 installed works previously. With this being a long show, sold pieces will leave before the end replaced by another from the back. Several new pieces have already been added, so, the list of shown artists will probably grow. At this point, those artists shown are:

Liana Bennett*
Alfred Currier*
Suzanne DeCuir
Gordy Edberg
Jaime Ellsworth*
Kathleen Faulkner*
Karen Hackenberg*
Jody Joldersma
Joan Jonland
Lisa Kaser
Lisa Snow Lady
Lorna Libert
Anna Magruder
Susan Melrath**
Jeane Myers
Barbara Noonan
Cheri O’Brien
Alison O’Donoghue
Frank Renlie
David Ridgway*
Sue Roberts*
Anne Schreivogl
Sara Swink
Christopher Wagner
Louise Warner
Jeff Weekley

*Seven of the 8 artists we show that have been included in the newly released book “100 Artists of the Northwest” by E. Ashley Rooney.
**Susan’s painting “Culture Hound” is July’s artwork in Gathering Place’s 2014 calendar. The original is in this show.

Come see the show, we’re gambling you’re going to love it!

Driven to Abstraction
Thursday, December 5th through Monday, December 30th

Three painters well known for their representational style, reveal their abstract side.  Liana Bennett, David Ridgway, and “Patrizio” are all included in the book “100 Artists of the Northwest” by E. Ashley Rooney scheduled to be released December 28th.   
Liana Bennett will be making her Port Townsend debut.  While Liana’s abstract side may be better known than her show mates, the majority of her work is figurative.  She enjoys the pure design and color that comes with painting abstracts and is inspired by many of the great Abstract Expressionist painters—Diebenkorn, Rothko, Motherwell and de Kooning as well as contemporary abstract painters, Elaine Daily Birnbaum and Hyunmee Lee.   
Simon Mace Gallery regulars will remember David Ridgway’s landscapes with strong shapes and vivid color, characteristics in common with his abstract work.  David says, “I enjoy the freedom of expression that abstract painting allows me, the focus on its formal aspects and the resulting freedom of interpretation for the viewer.”  Also inspired by Richard Diebenkorn, David will be traveling to California in January to view the Diebenkorn exhibition at the Palm Springs Art Museum.
“Patrizio”, also a Simon Mace veteran, signs his abstracts using his middle name, so, as not to complicate the market for the collectors of his epic, color saturated landscapes and figurative work, including a recent series of ravens shown with us in May.  Can you guess his full name?
Saturday, December 7th, celebrate Santa’s arrival and tree lighting at Haller Fountain at 4:30pm.  Join us after, to help us celebrate our two year anniversary during Gallery Walk, 5:30 to 8pm. 
The gallery will be closed for the month of January for our 2nd annual Winter Break.

Thursday, October 31st through Monday, December 2nd

Northwest Painters, Victor Sandblom and Zanetka Kralova Gawronski, invite us into their wonder-filled worlds.

Victor’s Wind on the Sea, Tracks in the Mud series is a meditation on painting. Drawing from the spirit of great art, (European Masters, Northwest Coastal Haida, and others) Sandblom paints by feel, crudely obliterating the idea’s genesis until it becomes inarticulate, mysterious and fully imaginative. He strives for his work to sneak up and surprise him.

Sandblom’s mother, a docent at the Burke Museum, carted young Victor along to entertain himself among the collections. He often settled into Northwest Coast Native art. Nurturing his budding imagination through art and myths later led to years of study in the museums of France, Madrid, New York and Washington DC.

"I am still moved by the profound enigma of myth, memory and imagination," says Sandblom.

Zanetka’s early immigration from Slovakia dramatically shaped her perception of the world, sparking a life in the arts. She’s experienced the full spectrum; theatrical set design, museum exhibit design, book cover illustrations, murals, and fabrication for Nickelodeon Network.

“I am interested in what is often overlooked, yet with a second glance is revealed to be precious.” While grounded in natural settings, her paintings often capture elements out of context, generating mystery and wonder.

She studied at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Antioch University and University of Washington Graduate Architecture Program in Rome, Italy. Kralova Gawronski’s paintings have been shown internationally, garnering numerous awards. She currently teaches at Seattle Art Institute.

Zanetka also exhibits her plaster sculptures, “Tomato People”. Her sensuous figures recline on clusters of tomatoes, juxtaposing reality with the surreal.

Artists’ Reception & Gallery Walk, Saturday, November 2nd, 5:30 - 8:00 pm.

Wax On, Wax Off
Thursday, October 3rd through Monday, October 29th

Wax loving artists, Jeane Myers and Lisa Kaser, dazzle us with their creations.

For Port Townsend painter, Jeane Myers, it all began twenty years ago when a friend from New York sent a box of oil paints. She quickly realized painting in oil is what she should have been doing all along.

Working wet on wet, oil paint mixed with cold wax medium, Myers builds layer upon layer, sometimes up to twenty. Then she scrapes off sections and etches through layers, creating unexpected shapes and patterns. Jeane doesn’t know where a piece is going until it comes together and feels right.

Myers is a self-taught, intuitive painter. Through experimentation Jeane has developed her techniques. Considering the limited palette--just five colors--she achieves a startling array of color variations. Myers says, “We’re on a journey discovering who we are. Art is an expression of how we speak in the world.”

Lisa Kaser, Portland sculptor and painter, loves working with fiber, textiles and found objects. She creates enchanting creatures with personality. Using dried avocado and orange skins, oak galls, oyster and egg shells, and her own recycled felts are used for clothing and bodies. And they’re held together with wax and armatures of salvaged street-sweeper tines.

In her two-dimensional artwork, Kaser paints characters, cuts them out and sets them into watercolor backgrounds. Her characters get to play and interact in natural settings, enjoying the breeze.

After hours in the studio, Lisa steps outside, takes off her shoes and stands in the grass. This simple pleasure of being in nature gives her joy. She’s happily doing what she loves.

Artists’ Reception and Gallery Walk, Saturday, October 5th, 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

Thursday, September 5th through September 30th

Pop in to Simon Mace Gallery for a riotous, exhilarating mixture of art. Prepare to be amazed by a throng of cavorting characters, creations of our September artists, Sara Swink, Alison O’Donoghue and Frank Renlie.

Ceramic sculptor, Sara Swink, creates mystifying human and animal forms coming out of internal exploration. The Portland artist also leads workshops on her methods of inviting images from the unconscious. Once a figure is formed in clay, she incises narrative details into the surface. After several firings, she finishes with oxides.

Her work was featured in American Craft Magazine (December 2011-January 2012), in Wildlife Art Today (2013), and Humor in Craft (2011).

Portland contemporary folk artist, Alison O’Donoghue, tumbles her characters out into a world of circuitous antics, revealing complex narratives. “I am really opening up to something that means something to me. But then I’ll recognize what’s happening in the picture and it completely changes the focus. It’s like I’m waking up.”

O’Donoghue was recently interviewed on Oregon Art Beat(view it HERE) and her work won “Best of Show” at Portland’s Art in the Pearl (2011).

Seattle painter, Frank Renlie, will tweak your funny bone with his zany twists on life. Renlie’s visual concepts are distilled and uncluttered for maximum impact. Standing a distance from the canvas, long-handled brush in hand, he dabs paint, then blends with a rag, leaving a simplified image of the thing he “sees in his noggin’”.

This is Renlie’s fiftieth year in the art profession. He’s exhibited at Seattle Art Museum’s Northwest Annual Watercolor Exhibit, The Bellevue Art Museum, the Frye Art Museum, and The Museum of History and Industry.

Gallery Walk, Saturday, September 7th, 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

Solo Sculpture Exhibit of New Work by David Eisenhour

PteropodThe Simon Mace Gallery welcomes NW sculptor, David Eisenhour, for the month of August.

Eisenhour’s elegant sculptures emerge into bronze, elevating the microscopic pteropod, while echoing the universal spiral. Each pteropod in the series exhibits progressive signs of degradation. An evolutionary tale is spun, an omen of portent for Planet Earth.

This series is informed by David’s study of ocean acidification and the effects on the flora and fauna. Relatively new research shows increased levels of carbon dioxide has been absorbed by the oceans, gradually altering the pH balance and disrupting the life cycles of shell-forming marine animals. Proven to inhibit shell development, higher acidity threatens many species, especially those closer to the surface.

“This is a commentary on the Human Race derailing the earth on a grand scale,” states Eisenhour.

He is exploring in three directions:

The Literal, represented by opportunistic jellyfish, moving in after the degradation of an ecosystem. They hang from the ceiling, jellyfish tentacles animated, undulating, against a backdrop of tidal creatures.

The Sardonic, in the form of “Terror-pods,” these creatures of David’s invention, appeal, he says to our “reptilian brains”.

The Ceremonial, represented by two striking “Pteropod Urns.” One urn holds sucker-studded octopus arms gracefully reaching upward, the other, curvaceous cattle horns carved with coral designs, representing Earth and Sea.

Juxtaposed with David’s bronze pteropods, is a series in cement mixed with coal, as a literal commentary on the devastating outcome of our fossil-fuel-dependent civilization.

An exciting aspect of David’s work for this show is his use of microscopes to bring the invisible world of plankton to light in his sculptures. Nina Bednarsek, a NRC Postdoctoral Fellow at NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle, provided David with images of pteropods, micro-scopic marine snails also known as sea butterflies. The images were shot with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and David referred to them in creating some of his sculptures. Even though pteropods are almost invisible to the human eye they play a major role in the marine food web. Pteropods are a staple food for pink salmon here in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Artists’ Reception and Gallery Walk, Saturday, August 3rd,

Fascination, Friday July 5th through Monday July 29th

Painters Jeff Weekley and Anna Magruder explore their fascination with people and their stories, real or imagined.

Jeff Weekley, Oil Painter, Port Townsend
Weekley’s evocative, life-like figures step off into the surreal.

“My paintings are based on the randomness of dreams. And like those dreams, my work doesn't look to elucidate but to pose questions instead,” states Weekley. Likewise, his painting titles are intentionally obscure, allowing the viewer to create their own story.

This exhibit includes Jeff’s painting, “Girl with Books on Boat,” selected Best in Show at the 2013 “Venture” juried exhibition at Northwind Arts Center. When commenting on Jeff’s work, Robin Anderson, “Venture” Juror (and Executive Director of the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center) said, “He has a very masterly technique.”

Anna Magruder, Oil Painter, Portland

Magruder is passionate about painting faces in oil. Drifting between realism and surrealism, she recreates vintage America, re-imagining her characters’ lives and stories.

“I want a person to look at my characters and wonder what they are thinking or where they are in that moment,” says Magruder. She examines the relationships between her characters and their subtle interplay, braiding histories and emotions.

Magruder’s paintings have appeared on the TV show, Portlandia, and she was interviewed on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Art Beat Oregon TV (click here to watch).

Artists Reception and Gallery Walk Saturday, July 6th, 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

In other news, Simon Mace artist, Karen Hackenberg, leads a five-day painting workshop at picturesque Fort Worden starting August 19th. For information on Karen’s Gage Academy of Art workshop, “Nature Painting in Gouache”, visit

Dissolution-Disillusion, Thursday, August 1st through
Monday, September 2nd

“Dreamed Into Being” Thursday, May 30th through Monday, July 1st

June sees the return of a Simon Mace Gallery favorite, Portland sculptor, Christopher Wagner, and the Port Townsend debut of Skagit Valley painter, Todd Horton. Often inspired by dreams, both artists imbue their work with naturalistic qualities.

Christopher Wagner comes back after a near sell-out in last summer’s group show, Portlandia in Port Townsend. Christopher’s hand-carved mythical figures resonate with unspoken longing that begin as a dialogue with the wood itself, listening and waiting, as the figure within emerges.

“I feel that wood has a spark of the divine in it, which works alongside my vision.”

Wagner’s figures are carved out of reclaimed lumber or driftwood, then painted with milk paint or shrouded under translucent layers. His passion for carving took root in his early years whittling figures with his grandfather in Kentucky and later rediscovered during graduate school at Edinboro University, Pennsylvania.

Todd Horton grabs moments of tension, suspended in time. He starts with a graphite drawing, then squeegees through wet oils, leaving streaks of movement. Horton associates the scraping of his paintings with an element of chaos, things not entirely within his control.

Todd attempts “to place us in the world and in the moment while revealing glimpses of the shadows in the realms of love, chaos and death.”

Horton graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Cross Cultural Relations, which he has put to good use spending a year in Japan, and further travels to South Korea, North Africa, Hungary, South East Asia, Germany, and most recently, Turkey.

Starting in June, the gallery will be open seven days a week through August, except July 2nd, 3rd, 30th, 31st when we’ll be changing exhibits, and, the July 4th holiday.

“Sprung” Thursday, May 2nd through Monday, May 27th

May brings featured artist, Anne Schreivogl. Full of color and whimsy, her joyful paintings are a delight. Anne is joined by her partner in life and love, esteemed painter, Alfred Currier.

Anne's rollicking acrylic paintings burst with playful imagination. In this series, her fanciful birds lead us into a world of exuberant color. The birds write memoirs on typewriters, flit from hungry cats, and chatter in a chorus line. They'll guarantee smiles!

Anne was featured in October 2009 American Art Collector, named 2006 Best of the West for the Northwest by Southwest Art Magazine, and won first place in the 2007 Plein Air Washington, Paint Out for “Boats Afloat”.

Alfred Currier’s new series was inspired by the antics of ravens he recently observed in Juneau, Alaska. He captures the birds’ reflective feathers with deep black, violets, blues and greens, almost as though they had just landed on the canvas.

Currier is well known for his vibrant landscapes, particularly Skagit Valley tulip fields, as well as paintings done on location in Europe, South and Central America, and across the United States. His work has been widely exhibited and can be found in numerous private and public collections in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Please join us for the Artists’ Reception and Gallery Walk, Saturday, May 4th, 5:30 to 8:00pm.

A portion of the proceeds from the January/February “Critters!” show was donated to our own “Critter Lane” Humane Society of Jefferson County. Thanks to everyone who purchased art, making this donation possible and benefitting our local critters.

Edge, Gage & More

April’s show highlights eight artists who are expanding their talents and careers through the 2012 Artist Trust’s Edge Professional Development Program, Gage Academy of Art and more. We are pleased to present Flynn Bickley, Elizabeth Copland, Julie Devine, Jody Joldersma, Terrell Lozada, Barbara Noonan, Tamara Stephas and Chandler Woodfin. Gallery Walk: Saturday, April 6th, 5:30 to 8pm. April 4-April 29. Simon Mace Gallery, 236 Taylor Street, Port Townsend.

Flynn Bickley’s dolls tell stories we may not know, but want to understand. They explore complex human conditions: gender identity, fantasy and emotion.

Whimsical ceramicist, Elizabeth Copland, finds her process a meditative conversation between her hands and the clay. Elizabeth received her BFA in Ceramics at the University of Washington and is currently a UW Academic Adviser.

Julie Devine’s oil paintings are expressive responses to light and form. She plays with abstraction and representation, finding where the two converge. Devine won first and second place in the Best of Gage juried competitions.

Terrell Lozada uses architecture as metaphor, wandering between the physical and metaphysical. Terrell will celebrate her 50th birthday in Paris this month.

Jody Joldersma’s provocative fables address social issues through allegorical narratives in paintings, scratchboard and sculpture.

Barbara Noonan breathes quiet simplicity into her pastels. She was featured in February’s Pastel Journal and her painting “Near the Top” was just awarded Honorable Mention in the 14th Annual Pastel 100 Competition. Come see the painting!

Tamara Stephas’ work is fueled by issues of sustainability and the expanding human footprint. She juxtaposes landscape with trompe l’oeil and text, questioning the interface between humans and the environment.

Watercolorist, Chandler Woodfin, splashes spontaneity and color into her work. Chandler received her BFA from Columbia College, completed the Gage Academy of Art painting apprenticeship, and now teaches drawing and painting at Pratt Fine Arts Center.

The Critters Are Coming!

The Simon Mace Gallery reopens February 2nd with “Critters!” featuring Jaime Ellsworth along with Susan Melrath, Cheri O’Brien and Thomas Rude.

San Juan Island’s Jaime Ellsworth exhibits her intriguing pet paintings in oil, inviting the viewer to “first look at the simplicity of the image, then beyond, opening a door to the imagination.”

Redmond painter, Susan Melrath celebrates life as she weaves patterns through layers of color. In this exhibit she creates mood by puzzling shapes and compositions of people and dogs.

Cheri O’Brien is inspired to find humor in beauty and the beauty of humor. Cheri’s “Misbehaving Hound Dogs” appear in two and three dimensions. O’Brien is the recipient of numerous public art commissions and awards, including Snohomish County Artist of the Year.

Thomas Rude brings his alchemy of invention to “Critters”. Whimsy and curiosity surround his wood-carved sculptures. Featured on television and in national publications, Rude along with Jaime Ellsworth are several of the Simon Mace Gallery artists distinguished by inclusion in the book, “100 Northwest Artists,” by E. Ashley Rooney, due out next year.

A portion of the sale price of all “Critters!” show artwork purchased in February and March will be donated to local non-profit/501c3 programs benefiting animal welfare.

“Critters!” is a two-month show (February 2-April 1) designed to celebrate our furry friends and chase away the Winter doldrums. Tail waggers welcome!

Winter Break for Simon Mace Gallery
Simon trots off in January to play in the snow, while Brad and Christina Mace toast their Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary.

In the meantime, please feel free to window shop our mini-show, “Best of the Backroom.” We have displayed 16 paintings and sculptures from these 15 artists:

Suzanne DeCuir Alison O’Donoghue
Gordy Edberg Frank Renlie
Karen Hackenberg David Ridgway
Chuck Iffland Thomas Rude
Joan Jonland Victor Sandblom
Lisa Kaser Sarah Bildsoe Swietzer
Lorna Libert Jeff Weekley
Jeane Myers  

Included are five pieces we haven’t shown before. It’s interesting to see how well many diverse styles look together. CAUTION: Window shopping may lead to ART ATTACKS, i.e., must buy art now. If that should occur, please call us at 360-385-4433, we may be nearby and would be happy to help.

We return February 2nd with our fun "Critters" Show. Four artists, Jaime Ellsworth, Susan Melrath, Cheri O’Brien and Thomas Rude, unleash frolicking images of their furry friends. You’re gonna drool over this show.

"See you in February!"
--Christina, Brad, Simon and Susi

Simon Mace Gallery celebrates their first anniversary!

Ten talented artists are featured in Small Works, a show of affordable, one-of-a-kind works of art--a little something for everyone's holiday giving and receiving.

Returning artists:

Christopher Bibby (Portland & U.K.) stimulates senses with vibrant patterns, textures, and dimensions;
Surrealist painter, Jeff Weekly, (Port Townsend) rolls out his bouncy, round toy series;
Gordy Edberg (Langley) transforms landscape into abstracted form;
Meg Mason's (Port Townsend) impressionistic oils and monoprints cause us to ponder;
Victor Sandblom, (Snohomish) delights with whimsical oil narratives;
Louise Warner,(former Whidbey Island) bends perceptions in her quirky wire sculpture series.

Debut artists:
Damon Brown (Indianola) richly portrays Northwest scenes in plein air;
Jeanne Edwards (Port Angeles) evokes emotional connection through loose, vivid brushstrokes;
Kathleen Faulkner, (Anacortes) dreamily gives form to memories of times and places;
Rebecca Meloy's (Bellingham) oils and pastels have been widely exhibited, from Alaska to L.A.--Washington D.C. to Helsinki.

Join the Anniversary revelry and Artists' Reception during Port Townsend's First Saturday Gallery Walk, December 1st, 5:30- 8:00 pm. This show runs November 29th through December 31st at Simon Mace Gallery, located at 236 Taylor Street in Port Townsend.

Also December 1st, Santa kicks off the Port Townsend Victorian Holidays festivities. Join in Santa's grand arrival at 4:30 pm, aboard Engine No. 3, Port Townsend's vintage fire truck. The tree lighting, caroling and Holiday Raffle Drawing follow. It all happens a few strides from the gallery at the Haller Fountain, where Taylor and Washington Streets intersect.

"Thoughts of Home"

Simon Mace Gallery is feeling nostalgic in November with featured painter David Ridgway, joined by painters Suzanne DeCuir and Frank Renlie along with ceramic sculptor Sue Roberts. These four artists pay tribute to thoughts of home—perhaps a childhood home, home away from home, dream home, or, home town. Home . . . in all its forms.

David Ridgway is a well-established Northwest painter born in Seattle, currently residing in Bellingham. David is one of several Simon Mace Gallery artists distinguished by inclusion in the book “100 Northwest Artists” by E. Ashley Rooney due out mid-2013. David Ridgway and Suzanne DeCuir have shown with us previously. Frank Renlie and Sue Roberts will be making their Port Townsend debut.

The gallery is a participating merchant in Port Townsend Main Street’s Hometown Holiday Sweepstakes Raffle ticket give-away, so, please visit us to pick-up your chance to win. “Thoughts of Home” runs Thursday, November 1st through Monday, November 26th, with an Artists’ Reception, Saturday, November 3rd, 5:30 to 8pm.

"Black and White"

Visit Simon Mace Gallery October 4th through 29th and you'll find a graphic treat.  
Six artists work their magic in a Black & White palette in a variety of mediums.
From Port Townsend, Karen Hackenberg draws with charcoal and graphite, many of her subjects found locally at Fort Worden State Park.
From Marrowstone Island, Lisa Gilley puts down the paint brushes and carves scenes into scratchboard.
From Mount Vernon, Chris Theiss uses a sgraffito technique on ceramic sculpture.
Once from Port Townsend, now residing in Seattle, Hannah Viano creates vistas from cut paper.
Returning from Portland, Alison O'Donoghue paints her wonderfully chaotic scenes in black and white a small dash of color.
Originally from the southwest of France, now residing in Victoria, BC, Isa Sevrain makes her US debut exhibiting hand-built ceramic mosaics.

Black & White Artists' Reception during Port Townsend's First Saturday Gallery Walk, 5:30 to 8pm, October 6th.

"Biomorphic Industrial"
August 30th thru October 1st
Featuring Sculptor, Chuck Iffland
Introducing Printmaker and Painter, Meg Mason

The August 15th edition of the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader included an in-depth article by Maggie Hastings Clifford about Simon Mace Gallery's September featured artist, sculptor, Chuck Iffland. If you missed it, you can link to the online version here. Gallery owners, Christina and Brad Mace have been visiting Chuck's picturesque Chimacum property, which includes his home, studio and sculpture garden, for years and have been awe struck. Lots of adjectives could be used to describe his work-primal, feral, grotesque, hip, avant-garde and even a touch whimsical. We are thrilled to be able to show this new body of work he has titled "The Western Circus and the Whirling Dervish."

September's two dimensional artist is Port Townsend painter and printmaker, Meg Mason. Brad noticed her pieces in Northwind Art Center's "Sprit of Place" group show juried by Teresa Verraes in March, and, thought they'd make an excellent compliment to Chuck's work. While Meg has created art most of her life, not much has been exhibited publicly, so, we are very pleased to be able to introduce her to gallery visitors

August 2nd thru August 27th

The April 11th, 2012 edition of the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader contained a well-written article about Simon Mace Gallery's August solo artist, David (Ike) Eisenhour by Kiera Miller Hodlik. Hodlik says of his new ocean inspired wax models, "The forms seem to push past the temporary pop art red color of the wax and land inside the imagination, finished and elegant, already reflectingwax Eisenhour's mastery of his art form and reverence for the natural world."


We've been planning this show since last September, and, Ike's been working hard to create nearly 100 new cast bronze sculptures that will transform the gallery into an artist's vision of the space between the tides. Read the article here.

"Portlandia in Port Townsend"
July 5th thru July 30th

Nine fabulous artists from the Rose City—Sara Swink, Alison O'Donoghue, Christopher Wagner, Lisa Kaser, Anna Magruder, Christopher Bibby, Thomas Rude, Harold Oxley and Kelly Williams (and an ode to one of our favorite satirical sketch comedy shows). July's show will be a feast of paintings and sculpture. In addition, there will be a Portlandia trivia quiz and the chance to win prizes for correct answers, details to follow.

Click here to download the quiz. Quizzes must be dropped off at the gallery to qualify for the fabulous prize. Click here to see the fabulous prize.

"Mother Earth"
May 31st through July 2nd

"Mother Earth" features local landscapes, seascapes and abstract oil paintings by longtime Port Townsend artist, Joan Jonland. Joan, or Joanie to her pals, is accompanied by Langley painter Gordy Edberg whose abstracted landscape series Fractured Terrain is inspired by observations of basalt outcroppings, erosion, movement and man's impact on the land with agricultural quilting, roads and other carving of the earth. Sculptor, Louise Warner, exhibits joyful female forms in cold cast bronze. After several years of living on Whidbey Island, Louise has recently returned to her childhood home town of Santa Barbara, California. The combined works of these three artists celebrate our planet and maternal figure of our Mother Earth.

Featured Artist, Alfred Currier
May 3rd through May 28th

Lifelong artist Alfred Currier's color saturated oil paintings depict scenes ranging from rural to urban, figural to wilderness, but, what he's best known for are the views he finds near home in the Skagit Valley--very often inspired by the vivid colors of the daffodil, tulip and iris blooming countryside with migrant workers tending the fields set against a backdrop of dramatic skies and Cascade foothills.

Alfred's style walks the line between realism and abstraction, while his mastery of color technique provide his paintings with a beautiful glow. He enjoys both plein-air and studio painting where additional depth is gained by the time-consuming and challenging impasto (thick layers of texture) technique. Alfred has often been profiled in magazine articles and two books have been published about his work, but, there is nothing like seeing his paintings in person!

Joining Alfred, Sarah Bildsoe Swietzer will show her fun clay sculpture.

Lorna Libert
March 1st thru April 30, 2012

Weather beaten structures, boats, trucks, and, quirky seabirds are the subjects of Lorna's bold paintings which feature heavy paint, unique perspective, and, often epic scale.

"A Tasting Menu, Second Course"
January 5th thru February 29, 2012

Continuing the theme of our opening December show, "A Tasting Menu" a group show of the art and artists to come. Showing for the first time in Port Townsend, Bellingham painters David Ridgway and Sharon Kingston, and, Mount Vernon sculptor, Chris Theiss will be joined by three artists from December's show, Port Townsend painter, Jeff Weekley, Port Hadlock sculptor, David Eisenhour, and, Snohomish painter, Victor Sandblom.

"A Tasting Menu"
a group show of the art and artists to come
December 3rd, 2011 - January 2nd, 2012

Christopher BibbySuzanne DeCuirDavid Eisenhour
Anna MagruderAlison O'DonoghueHarold Oxley
Victor SandblomRandolph SilverSara Swink
Christopher WagnerJeff WeekleyKelly Williams