Current and Future Exhibits

Past Exhibits

“Scratch below the Surface” at Simon Mace Gallery
Thursday, October 30th through Monday, December 22nd

This November and December, Simon Mace invites you to “Scratch below the Surface” with artists Jeane Myers, Cathie Joy Young and Sara Swink in a show that explores dreamscapes and inner worlds.

The paintings of Jeane Myers reflect her willingness to let the painting come together intuitively. Mixing layer upon layer of oil paint with cold wax medium and then etching and scraping away at the surface, her paintings become like maps of the subconscious full of secret images and hidden stories. Myers says, “We’re on a journey discovering who we are. Art is an expression of how we speak in the world.”

For Cathie Joy Young, painting is an intuitive process that revels in the unexpected and mysterious. Working in acrylic on wood panels, her work maintains the formal aspects of composition while allowing imagery and color to build a story. Cathie feels like these stories are borrowed dreams and memories.

Using humor and clay, Sara Swink creates sculptures that explore the interconnections between the human world and the animal world. Archetypes and symbols guide her, as Sara allows the subconscious to play an important role in her creations. Though each is unique, her figures play with themes that are universal. She creates her forms with gritty sculpture clay, incises, bisque fires, and, then finishes the clay with oxide washes, underglazes and glazes.

In addition to the paintings and sculpture, we’ll have some special Sara Swink Christmas ornaments!

The show runs from October 30th through December 22nd with a chance to meet the Artists at Gallery Walk on Saturday, November 1st from 5:30-8pm.