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Past Exhibits

Passionate Obsession
Thursday, June 30th through Monday, August 1st
Gallery Walk, Saturday, July 2nd, 5:30 to 8pm
Closed Monday, July 4th

Simon Mace is honored to present celebrated artist, mentor and friend, Alfred Currier—in his solo show “Passionate Obsession”. For Currier, painting is an obsession as well as a passion. As he says, “Passion for the love of it. Obsession means I have no choice.”

A lifelong artist and resident of Anacortes since 1991, Alfred Currier is a well-established Northwest oil painter best-known for his vibrant palette and thickly textured canvases. His mastery of color technique gives his paintings a distinctive glow.

The body of work for July’s show falls into three categories—serene Skagit Valley Landscapes, Working Lands and European Settings (or what I like to call Mamma Mia!). Alfred is never lacking bucolic scenery nearby in the Skagit Valley for his painting inspiration. He often likes to paint colorful daffodil, tulip or iris fields with migrant farm workers tending the crops against a backdrop of dramatic skies and Cascade foothills. Witnessing the workers hard labor all these years, Alfred has become an advocate for improving their living and working conditions. Despite the beauty close by, he also finds inspiration further afield providing us several Greek, French and Italian scenes.

Passionate Obsession runs Thursday, June 30th through Monday, August 1st. Meet Alfred Currier at Gallery Walk, Saturday, July 2nd. Don’t miss this terrific show!