Current and Future Exhibits

Past Exhibits

Dealer’s Choice REMIX
Thursday, April 3rd through Monday, April 28th

Continuing on the theme of Simon Mace Gallery’s February/March show “Dealer’s Choice,” April is a similar concept in that it will be a large number of artists and a mix of new work, and, work we’ve shown before. If we do say so ourselves, the gallery looked especially splendid in February and March, and, gallery visitors appreciated the diversity of choices.

In April, we have dealt out a fresh hand of artwork to delight you by 22 artists, including bronze sculpture by David Eisenhour, who has an outstanding solo show at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art now through June 1st.

Those artists shown are:

Liana Bennett
Alfred Currier
Jeanne Edwards
David Eisenhour
Jaime Ellsworth
Zanetka Kralova Gawronski
Todd Horton
Jody Joldersma
Joan Jonland
Lisa Kaser
Meg Mason
Rebecca Meloy
Susan Melrath
Jeane Myers
Barbara Noonan
Frank Renlie
David Ridgway
Victor Sandblom
Anne Schreivogl
Sara Swink
Christopher Wagner
Jeff Weekley

Please come see us in April!

Up, Down & All Around
May 1st through June 2nd

May brings painters Suzanne DeCuir and Gordy Edberg back to Simon Mace Gallery. The two painters have a complimentary softness of line and a colorful but muted palette, and enjoy examining their surroundings from unusual perspectives.

Suzanne DeCuir often sees the world from the sky looking down, from earth looking up and once in awhile from how you or I walking down the street would see it. She likes how the different vantage points can abstract even common or iconic city and landscapes; Suzanne furthers her paintings’ abstraction by playing with color, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Gordy Edberg is inspired by the farmland of “our mostly sylvan place in Puget Sound” and has recently painted a series of paintings called My Neighbor’s Farm. Gordy examines the farms repeatedly, but, from different viewpoints using color to reflect changes in light and season.

Come see “Up, Down & All Around” from Thursday, May 1st through Monday, June 2nd and see if it challenges you to see the world with a new vision.