Current and Future Exhibits

Past Exhibits

Late Summer Soliloquy
Thursday, September 4th through Monday the 29th

Aw, the bittersweet last month of summer, when weather is expected to be really nice--not too hot, not too cold, but, just right; and, Port Townsend hosts it’s two most fun weekends—Wooden Boat Festival and Port Townsend Film Festival. We celebrate with some really fantastic art!

Alfred Currier's color and texture rich oil painting style should be familiar to Simon Mace regulars by now as this will be the fourth time we’ve been privileged to show his work. We’ll have several of the sweeping Skagit Valley landscapes Currier is known for as well as a few new ravens (back by popular demand) and even some boat yard plein air paintings in honor of the Wooden Boat Festival.

Anne Schreivogl attended last year’s Port Townsend Film Festival, soaking up the ambiance and getting inspired to paint a new series dedicated to films and the people (and birds) and who love them. Her exuberate painting “Film Festival” is the image that has been chosen for this year’s PTFF promotional materials. The image can be found on posters, tea towels, t-shirts and tote bags, but, the original painting will be right here at Simon Mace Gallery. In 15 years of the festival, the artwork has never been offered for sale to the public before. Because of the rarity of this opportunity, we are having some fun collecting names of would-be buyers and drawing the lucky buyer’s name at the PTFF Awards Presentation, Sunday evening starting at 6:30, September 21st at the Rose Theatre. Please stop by the gallery to see the painting and complete your entry by 5pm the 21st. You can also e-mail or call the gallery to put your name in for the opportunity to purchase this great work of art! In addition to the film themed paintings, Anne will also have some of her signature whimsical paintings with motifs of books, bicycles, cats, typewriters, sunflowers . . . essential elements to the joy of life.

In perfect compliment to Alfred and Anne, we introduce self-taught Portland wood carver, Stan Peterson. Peterson draws scenes from his regular urban walks or dreams, often using the mythic quality of animals or human-animal hybrids to express human foibles, then transforms them to three dimensions in carved and painted bass wood. The completed sculptures are rustic, charming and introspective. We didn’t show much restraint when meeting with Stan at his studio and brought back many more pieces than we’d planned on—you’re in for a real treat!

Late Summer Soliloquy runs Thursday, September 4th through Monday, September 29th. Meet all three artists at First Saturday Gallery Walk, the 6th, 5:30 to 8pm.